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Generating Ideas

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

I’m trying to publish more consistently on this blog and I’m looking for ways to generate ideas to write about.

Why do I even want to publish more often?

The more I write down, the more I will have things to write about. I’ve already found this to be true since starting this blog. I’m paying more attention to the ideas I have and making sure I write them down to reference later.

The longer you go without writing something publicly, the more pressure you put on yourself—which works against you in producing something. Have to write regularly to not put too much expectation on each piece.

When I’ve tried to blog in the past, I published so infrequently that each post needed to be the best thing I ever wrote. The more I publish, the less pressure I put on myself to make everything perfect.

I want to become a better communicator and the best way to do that is to actually have some skin in the game.

So how do I do it?

I’ve collected a few tips that I like below:

Start with prompts

Sometimes I need a little help with a prompt. Here, you’ll want to assemble a set of tools you can use to generate prompts. Musician Brian Eno created a card-based creativity tool called “Oblique Strategies” which I like as an example as a set of tools. On each card, there’s a saying like “use an old idea.” You flip through the cards until creativity is sparked I guess… I don’t know I haven’t used it.

My version of this is reading. I meticulously curate about two dozen newsletters that I read every word of. I’ll just start reading until something strikes me. Usually this is something I agree with very much (and want to add to or remix) or something I disagree with very much (and want to contest or reframe).


Summarize other people

Find obscure resources